Tiledek waterproof roof decks

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Tile Underlayment Waterproof Membrane | Spirit Lake, Iowa USA

With Tiledek, you can have that luxurious tile look you love, with the peace of mind that the structure is safe from water damage.

There is nothing like the look of tile or slate on that outdoor deck. But the beauty is soon forgotten when water pours into your home, seemingly through the tile. And then you discover that all the attention on the job was towards the tile with little thought given to proper waterproofing. Rot repair is intrusive and expensive, not to mention the cost of replacing the tile. By using Duradek’s Tiledek™ Membrane in your exterior tile assembly, you can avoid these issues and have your tile deck installed right the first time. The Duradek network of authorized dealers such as Complete Project Management, LLC provide best-practice assurances of a long-lasting, outdoor tile deck without suffering common failures that result in water infiltration.

How is Tiledek Better?

Tiledek Tile Underlayment Waterproof Membrane provides reliable waterproof protection for the structure and living space below.


60 mil membrane (compared to others at 40 mils)


Installed only by trained contractors who specialize in waterproofing


Duradek has 45 years of roofing & waterproofing experience


Duradek Ultra Tiledek is manufactured in North America


A waterproofing warranty for peace of mind

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